The Gym

Since 2010, Chok Sabai Gym owner and lead trainer Kru Natalie Fuz has warmly welcomed amateur and professional Muay Thai fighters, non-traditional athletes, and anyone looking for an inspiring and inclusive sport and wellness environment.

Community is paramount at Chok Sabai. No matter your goals—whether you’re looking to get fit, move better, become more flexible, or even test your skills in the ring—you’ll find a host of engaging, innovative classes, and a committed group of supportive people ready to challenge and encourage you.

Fighters train with beginners, women with men, and egos are checked at the door—it’s what makes Chok Sabai a special place to begin your journey. Kru Natalie prides herself on maintaining an atmosphere that’s free of attitude and  intimidation, built on trust and mutual respect.

So come learn, work, sweat…and train with a smile!